Lovemytraining is a project born from the passion for motocross and the desire to support young athletes on their path to develop into sport professionals.

The idea of supporting athletes dates back to 2013, stemming from two passionate entrepreneurs, who shared the same enthusiasm regarding the sport and several years of work experience in the motocross industry. Lovemytraining has been supporting the progress and growth of twelve different athletes since the very beginning.

The successful stories of several athletes contributed to the establishment of a structured and permanent Academy at the beginning of 2017.



Thanks to the support of our Sponsor, SEL – Sport & Events Logistics, we now manage to work with other types of sports and corresponding athletes (and respective managers).

Sport gave us a lot- it’s now time to give something back to this world by supporting present and future athletes. Sport shapes your personality and enriches you individually and culturally, and just like our passion, it knows no limits.

Sport means sacrifice, determination and passion.