Lovemytraining support the athletes who share our same values.

Putting together talent, dedication, passion, love, hard work and applying professional approach, is what we believe brings success and progress to one’s sport career.
Meet and learn the success stories of the athletes supported by Lovemytraining.

Luca Diserens #202


Born 10.04.2003, Luca Diserens is a Swiss rider born in 2003. He started riding when he was 7 years old. His fist race was in 2017 in the Swiss Championship, category 85cc.

Lucas Robert #807


Born 15.06.1994. Lucas Robert was  born in the department and region of France of the Reunion Island, in 2000. He started riding at the age of 14. Last year he decided to moved to France to pursue the professional career.

Julien Lieber

Julien Lieber #33


Julien was only 5 years old when he received his first motorbike and he started racing as early as 6 years old. Until the age of 12 he rode in the amateur federation and then passed onto 85 cc class in European Championships until the age of 15.

Pierre Goupillon #720


Pierre Goupillon is born in 1999 in Bretagne (France). He started riding when he was 4 years old. Four years later, he participated in his first the competition in Romagne with his 50cc KTM.

Fabian Stutz #277


Fabian Stutz is a young rider from Switzerland. He started to ride in 2009 at the age of 8 and one year later he started to compete. In 2013 he finished 3rd in the 65cc Swiss championship. In the 2017 he finished 3rd in 125cc Swiss championship.

Natanael Bres #43


Natanael Bres is from France. He is 21 years old. He started riding when he was only 5 years old and competed for the first time two years later.

Maxime Renaux

Maxime Renaux #959


In July 2015 Maxime became the Junior 125 World Champion. In 2017 Maxime has joined Lovemytraining with big hopes and plans for the future.

Livia Lancelot

Livia Lancelot #114

2016 - 2017

Livia was only four years old when she started riding a motorbike. Before she was 14, she had already competed in 50cm3, 60cm3 and 80cm3, even in the same category with boys.