Our mission is to help young, talented athletes of different disciplines in their journey to becoming sport professionals, but how do we do that?

Lovemytraining Sport Academy provides them with specialized trainers, sport equipment, nutritionists, contact with teams and sponsors, medical consultation, and, if needed, financial support to make sure they don’t have to quit doing what they love.

This project was born from passion for motocross and, from 2021, it started branching out to the world of athletics; we have learned that love, grit and the desire to succed are common factors for any athlete, regardless of their practice, and that’s what keeps us going.

Our commitment comes at a cost: we support the academy and help the athletes to achieve their dreams throught sponsorships, donations and the kindness of the community around us.

If you identify yourselves in our vision, please consider donating or supporting us through a sponsorship: your help is essential to keep doing what we do.


Your support is essential to bring forward our mission. Send us a donation request and we will get beck to you with all the possible ways of joining our cause. Submit now!