We are pleased to announce that Great Nnachi, a talented pole vault athlete and Luciano Gemello, researcher, personal trainier and athletic trainer will collaborate with Lovemytraining.



Our aim is to support young athletes, after having the privilege of meeting with Great and becoming aware of her story, we decided to support her in achieving her dreams and goals. Her most significant ambition is to take part in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Great’s motto is: ‘’Without having fun, you will not be able to jump’’, which perfectly summarizes her determined yet joyful and spontaneous spirit.


Great Nnachi is currently holding the national record in the U16 category – 3.80 meters, set in Aosta (Aosta Valley).


As Sport is the fundamental key of our mission, our objectives focus on a multi-sport approach and athletes. Our goal is to offer athletes a wide-ranging service including a whole set of benefits needed for their professional growth and their progresses. That’s why we are pleased  to support this young talented girl in achieving her dreams and goals.