After the winter holidays we had the possibility to interview Stephen Rubini who will compete in MX2 class during the next season. We asked him some questions to know more about his preparation and as well to know more about what a motocross athlete does to prepare for the season.


How are you preparing for the new season?

After the last season we had a break, we started training 2 weeks before Christmas to slowly bring the body back in shape. After the Christmas holidays we started training again with a level up.


How do you work out?

We have 2 kind of typical training days:

A riding day, with running or cycling in the morning and riding in the afternoon.

And a day with long distance cycling or jogging with some outdoor exercises and stretching in the afternoon.


How many days a week do you train?

It depends on the type of week but the first weeks of winter training we usually train 6 days a week.


What would you like to achieve during the next season?

I want to show what I can do and I want to be on a right place in this world championship. I think I’m able to ride in front and I will work harder every day for that.


How is the relationship with Yves and the other riders who train with Lovemytraining?

My relationship with Yves is good, we have moments where we joke and then there is the time where we work hard. I really appreciate how we work together. I can progress on riding but on myself as well.  With the other riders the feeling is also good, always difficult at the beginning but once you know them, it’s good. It’s very interesting to ride with them, you can of course always push harder when you ride together.


What do you like to do after your training?

To be honest after my training I usually like to rest.  Eat a good meal and go to bed for example.