Pierre Goupillion, did a first good race here in Italy, and got the 4th position.

In race 2 on Sunday morning, he got a good start in 1st position. He stayed in 3rd position, but did too many mistakes during the race and crashed, so that he finished the race in 6th position.

Overall he finished the weekend in 4th position and in the Championship now he is on 3rd place, with 77 points!

Julien Lieber had two tough races. In race 1 and 2 although not two not very good starts, he managed to gain some positions in the last ten minutes of each race.

Race 2 was more demanding, as Julien got stocked behind a crash from other riders who blocked his way in the first lap.

Starting almost in last positions, he had to fight his way back to the 12th place, which gave him the 12th place overall.

We are pretty satisfied with Julien’s results, as it was not easy to pass all those riders!

Julien Lieber maintains his position in the World Championship in 9th place, with 79 points.