After a long recovery period, MX2 rider Stephen Rubini gets back to training!

As soon as the MX season was over, Stephen underwent a succesful knee surgery that kept him away from training for the last couple of months. We know well what it means for a pro rider to be inactive and to see team mates go on with their schedule, but now he is back and we could not be happier to have him.

But let’s hear it from him:
“I had a knee injury eight years ago, but as I was growing the doctors didn’t want to operate. I had to deal with this injury but in May I hit my knee again, which really bothered me for the second part of the season.
After completing a six-week rehabilitation, I will now be able to return to Uzès to begin winter preparation alongside Yves Demaria and Team SR – Officiel. At the moment I can’t ride a bike, I can’t run, and I must avoid any shock on my knee so we will do mainly cycling and muscle building. We’ll work on the physical shape with the goal to jump on the bike in January if everything goes well.”

Welcome back Stephen! Keep going!