During the last week, we had the opportunity to talk with Emil Weckman. As He is one of the newest members of the LMT family, we asked him some questions for you! 

How and why did you start practicing motocross? 

Emil: I  got my first bike and started when I was 3 years old because my dad was practicing Enduro. 

Which one is you favorite track?

Emil: I really enjoy sand tracks! And lived in Belgium for 3 years so I would say that my favorite track is Berghem. 

 How many days a week do you train?

Emil: I ride four times a week and on the other two days I do cycling and running. During the last day of the week I usually rest. 

 What are your goals for this season?

Emil: For this season, my goal is to ride with consistency during the whole championship and see where we end up. For sure I would love to do some podiums, especially on sand tracks! 

 What do you like the most about  the Lovemytraining project? 

Emil: I really appreciate this project. It’s helping me but also the other guys a lot. The training with Yves and the guys is helping me to do more and more and also to grow.